QManD @ the Nordic Nanolab User Meeting 2022

After a forced pause of a couple of years, it is finally time to meet at conferences, taking part in lectures and tutorials and discussing research ideas and results with each other. The first chance has arrived from the third Nordic Nanolab User Meeting (NNUM), which took place at Chalmers on May 5-6. The NordicContinue reading “QManD @ the Nordic Nanolab User Meeting 2022”

A new way to control quantum materials

Read our new article, ‘Restored strange metal phase through suppression of charge density waves in underdoped YBa2Cu3O7–δ’, now available in the leading scientific journal Science. The research has been led by our group, in collaboration with researchers from Politecnico di Milano, University La Sapienza, Brandenburg University of Technology and the European Synchrotron facility (ESRF). TheContinue reading “A new way to control quantum materials”

Tuning the oxygen content of YBCO nanowire with electromigration

Precise control of the doping in cuprate high-Tc superconductors is fundamental for studying the phase diagram of these materials, and can have a crucial role for technological applications. We recently developed a novel procedure, in order to tune the doping of YBCO nanostructures by using an ex-situ electromigration (EM). On this topic, we have recentlyContinue reading “Tuning the oxygen content of YBCO nanowire with electromigration”

High-Mobility Ambipolar Magnetotransport in TI Nanoribbons

Read our work on topological insulator Bi2Se3 nanoribbons, done in collaboration with Matteo Salvato from Università di Roma “Tor Vergata” and with the group of Donats Erts at University of Latvia. The paper has been recently published on Physical Review Applied (link). Nanoribbons of topological insulators (TIs) have been suggested for a variety of applicationsContinue reading “High-Mobility Ambipolar Magnetotransport in TI Nanoribbons”

Discovering the secrets of a one atomic layer thick superconductor

The journal Nature Communications just published the results of a Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (RIXS) experiment (link), led by the MIT professor Riccardo Comin, and conducted in collaboration with the Politecnico group of Prof. Ghiringhelli and with the QMand researcher Riccardo Arpaia. The experiment aimed at discovering the origin of superconductivity in iron selenide (FeSe),Continue reading “Discovering the secrets of a one atomic layer thick superconductor”

Shedding light on the strange metal regime of cuprate superconductors

In the work just published in Communications Physics (link) we have presented the result of our collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, Brandenburg University of Technology and La Sapienza University in Rome. Here we show a theoretical proposal, which investigates the consequences of the charge density fluctuations – we have discovered two years ago by ResonantContinue reading “Shedding light on the strange metal regime of cuprate superconductors”

Welcome back Kiryl Niherysh

Kiryl, one of our former guests, will join our group at Chalmers from the 5th of January until next September. Kiryl is PhD student at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Latvia, working in the field of micro- and nano electronics. During his stay with us at Chalmers, he will be engaged in theContinue reading “Welcome back Kiryl Niherysh”

Size matters for transport in topological insulator nanoribbons

Read our recent work on topological insulator Bi2Se3 nanoribbons. We have grown Bi2Se3 nanoribbons by catalyst-free Physical Vapor Deposition, and employed them to fabricate  high quality Josephson junctions. In these devices we have observed a pronounced size effect in the transport properties: a strong reduction of the Josephson critical current density Jc occurs by reducing the width of theContinue reading “Size matters for transport in topological insulator nanoribbons”

New VR grants

Thilo Bauch (on the left) and Riccardo Arpaia (on the right) received new Swedish Research Council (VR) project grants for the period 2021-2024. Thilo has been awarded for the project “Quantum Fluctuations and Quantum Entanglement in High Critical Temperature Superconductors”, Riccardo for the project “Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering to study changes in the HTS phaseContinue reading “New VR grants”

Welcome back Matteo Salvato

Matteo, one of the guest researcher collaborating with the QManD group, will join us back in Chalmers from the 3rd of November until the 19th of December. Matteo is a researcher in the field of condensed matter physics at the University of Roma2 “Tor Vergata”. During his stay with us at Chalmers, he will performContinue reading “Welcome back Matteo Salvato”