QManD @ the Nordic Nanolab User Meeting 2022

After a forced pause of a couple of years, it is finally time to meet at conferences, taking part in lectures and tutorials and discussing research ideas and results with each other.

The first chance has arrived from the third Nordic Nanolab User Meeting (NNUM), which took place at Chalmers on May 5-6.

The Nordic Nanolab Network is a collaborative network formed by the national research infrastructures for micro- and nanofabrication in the Nordic countries.

QManD took part to the meeting thanks to the posters presented by the master students Andrea D’Alessio and Núria Alcalde Herraiz, and respectively entitled “Transport measurements in YBCO nanowires to study nematic order” (left panel) and “Topological Insulator junctions fabrication to probe zero energy bound states with circuit-QED” (right panel).

To read more on the meeting you can read here!

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