Two new publications on YBCO nanodevices

We recently published two new articles concerning the properties of YBCO. The first, published on Superconductor Science and Technology, focuses on the work carried out by Eric Andersson Walhberg (link). In the manuscript, Eric shows the advances we achieved in the fabrication of high quality YBCO nanowires with controlled level of doping: from slightly overdoped to underdoped. This work opens the way to study the properties of underdoped cuprates at the nanoscale through transport measurements

The second article, published on Applied Physics Letters, focuses on the work of Edoardo Trabaldo on YBCO based grooved dayem bridges (link). The properties of these novel type of weak links are studied in a wide temperature range. Moreover, SQUID magnetometers based on grooved dayem bridges results in low magnetic field noise, close to the state-of-the-art.

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